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South Coast Vapes

The celebrated South Coast Vapes flavours are back and ready to take your taste buds to places of which you've only dreamt.

PLEASE NOTE: These flavours are exclusive to MixShop!

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  • Callicustard

    You want perfect custard? Then you have found it here. This is “grown up” custard. Not the sickly over sweet out of a tin custard, or powdered custard, or even...
    From £3.99
  • Nipplejuice

    A blended and balanced creamy strawberry. Get some fresh strawberries, stick them in the blender, along with single cream, and there you have it. You get a wondrous creamy strawberry...
    From £3.99
  • $5 Shake

    Right before danced their way to cult status in Pulp Fiction, they enjoyed a $5 shake or as Vincent puts it “a pretty f***ing good milkshake.” Here at South Coast...
    From £3.99
  • Crackberry

    I have been told…..lots of strawberry without the slight hint of chemical aftertaste that most (if not all) other strawberries have. It has a wonderful biscuity, almost digestive base to...
    From £3.99
  • God Yog

    A sumptuous dairy dessert that gives an incredibly rich, indulgent taste and realistic mouth feel. Mixed with mouthwatering peaches and apricots and topped with cream this blends into a perfect...
    From £3.99
  • CYMore

    A very light almost oaty (hobnob?) tones with a caramel light almost like a snickers bar without the chocolate. Not too sweet, or heavy like some “desert” type tobacco juices....
    From £3.99
  • Deckchair

    A refreshing natural layered mint melded with a blend of fresh raspberries, crisp apples and elderflowers. We recommend mixing this at: 20%
    From £3.99
  • Deep South

    Deep RY4 with notes of burley wrapped in a rich but not too sweet caramel-slight biscuity taste-and full on peanuts. We recommend mixing this at: 20%
    From £3.99
  • Cookie Monster

    And who doesn't love cookies. At South Coast Vapes we love a freshly baked double chocolate chip cookie with a generous helping of chunky hazelnuts to round them off. Perfect...
    From £3.99
  • Darkchocaccino

    A deep multilayer dark chocolate with undertones of light cappuccino. This took many mixes to get just right. Not too sweet with a slightly bitter taste that stops this being...
    From £3.99
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